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Tilting Vehicles South Africa

This page is where you can find information and new ideas about vehicle design for the future. The future is clean, energy-efficient, and bright despite the gloom about global warming: Right now, minds are at work, finding ways to do things differently.

Why Tilt? Quick introduction

Want to Know More? The art of tilting

Why South Africa? All around the globe people devoted to innovation will be found. This website represents the endeavour of one South African. No doubt there are many other South Africans who pursue goals similar to what you will find here. This website does not claim to represent all of them. The author hopes few will disagree with the above ideals!

The Automotive X-Prize

This is an important initiative to bring about change in personal transportation.

Donald J. Foley Executive Director Automotive X PRIZE:

We invite the world's best and brightest minds to look at this independent, high-profile competition as a way to make a difference for generations to come.
Find out more about the X-Prize. Go to the organization website.

Human Powered Vehicles

Bicycles are cheap, healthy, and fun. But that is not the only way to get around under your own steam.

Vehicle Simulation Software

Valuable time can be saved by testing models of experimental vehicles before you start welding! Physics simulation software can do the job, but may be quite difficult to use. Juice is a free, Windows-based physics simulator that uses a simplified drag-and-drop graphical user interface.

Nothing New under the Sun?

Here are some examples of "innovations" that someone else thought of long ago!

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