Flowers in Winter

The Cape in winter enjoys many crisp sunny days, and there is a profusion of colour despite the season. All the following photographs were taken in mid-winter.

Early in June, right when the first touch of winter is felt, in the corner of my garden a small tree with a mass of yellow blossoms defies expectation and cheers the chill out of my bones.

This is a low shrub seen on mountain slopes. The flowers are less than one cm. across. The wonderful Strelizia Regina shows itself in winter.

This is a closeup of a pretty little shrub with small silvery leaves (each about 1cm wide) and tiny pink flowers that hide at the base of the leaves.

The Watsonia appear in July to brighten the Cape mountains.

Two non-indigenous plants that decorate many Cape gardens

Created: 1999. Last updated: November 2008